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test e on the hit movie.bg games igri igra deca
Rebecca and Robert are taking their fast food empire to totally new heights in Turbo Fiesta, an astronomical and gastronomical adventure!bg games igri igra deca
Revisit your favorite Diner Dash episodes with Flo and Grandma through five seasons of Time Manangement fever.bg games igri igra deca
Please Zeus as a professional party planner and renovate his sports facilities in this solitaire-style game.bg games igri igra deca
Enter a mesmerizing match-three wonderland! Line up dazzling jewels and eliminate tiles across 150 levels of casual fun!bg games igri igra deca
The Red Cross gives help to people in need all over the world regardless of skin color, nationality, beliefs or gender. Working for the Red Cross might be the toughest job on earth. Lives depend on your decisions, therefore you need to prioritize your tasbg games igri igra deca
Stroll down memory lane with Grandma and Flo as they reminisce about their favorite seasons, with stops at 5 new restaurants!bg games igri igra deca
Help the students of Brainiac Elementary learn and thrive in this Time Management classic.bg games igri igra deca
The survival of an ancient kingdom has been threatened. Restore the four elements with help from an adorable fairy in this enchanting Puzzle game.bg games igri igra deca
Hit the beach in a contest to see who can earn the most money! Beach Party Craze is sure to make a splash with the entire family!bg games igri igra deca
Get in touch with your inner designer in this stylish Time Management renovation. A house is not a home until it`s a home sweet home!bg games igri igra deca
Bask in the heat and manage clientele in need of 4-star service in this waterfront Time Management tanning session.bg games igri igra deca
Everyone's favorite monkey is back with all new games, quests and even some new friends! So start your vacation of fun with Tropix 2!bg games igri igra deca
The ancient kingdom is in trouble! Use the magic of the four elements to bring back peace and prosperity to this once thriving kingdom!bg games igri igra deca
Journey into this brick-busting sequel with loads of new levels and powerups - a vivid Breakout style game.bg games igri igra deca
Slide into this physics-based Puzzle sequel with over 700 handcrafted levels - it`s a quirky Arcade-style adventure.bg games igri igra deca
Create beautiful rings, stunning brooches, sparkling earrings and more as you make your jewelry store the most popular place in town!bg games igri igra deca
Deflect meteors and guide blocks through a series of rotating disks as you set out to save the planet Roo.bg games igri igra deca
Take on exhilarating object hunting challenges, solve dozens of ingenious puzzles and play relaxing mini-games in Treasure Masters!bg games igri igra deca
Plow to your heart`s content in this field of dreams, filled with 30 fertile levels in this Time Management harvest.bg games igri igra deca
Build a name for Jane in the fashion biz by running a stylish clothing boutique in this Time Management venture.bg games igri igra deca
With colorful 3D graphics, heel-kickin' music and hours of down-home gameplay, Farm Frenzy 2 offers a bumper crop of fun!bg games igri igra deca
Experience a deeper magic in this sparkling sequel, brimming with more than 20 puzzle books of classic tales.bg games igri igra deca
Kick up your heels in this country-style sequel and manage a frenetic farm in a downhome Time Management game.bg games igri igra deca
Return to the runway and make stylish outfits for female and male models as you showcase your fashion sense on runways from L.A. to Berlin!bg games igri igra deca
Use your poker and solitaire skills against the clock to defeat your opponents in this modern card craze.bg games igri igra deca
Explore an addicting treasure hunt game with the next in the fantastic Hawaiian Explorer series with hours of tropical seek and find fun!bg games igri igra deca
Join Evangeline Baumeister and your favorite Chocolatier characters while serving treats in exotic locations from Peru to Libya.bg games igri igra deca
The Baumeisters are back! Feed your sweet tooth with an all-new, fast-paced twist on your favorite Chocolatier characters!bg games igri igra deca
Embark on a globetrotting adventure to unearth an artifact from the bowels of a lost ship in this riveting Hidden Object game.bg games igri igra deca
Inspired by the film, Righteous Kill follows the events surrounding a vigilante who has taken to killing criminals with a new brand of justice.bg games igri igra deca
Jane restored the family hotel business - now she`s out to expand an entire city with a solid Time Management plan.bg games igri igra deca
Inspired by the Hollywood film, Righteous Kill follows the events surrounding a series of murders in this Hidden Object adventure.bg games igri igra deca
Save the luminous Pearl Reef from the evil Sea Dragon in 200 levels of Match 3 Puzzle excitement!bg games igri igra deca
Welcome to Jane's Realty, a place where you can build your dream city and enjoy hours and hours of time-management fun!bg games igri igra deca
Rhonda has lost her job and her confidence - help her rebuild her art career in this Match 3 puzzler.bg games igri igra deca
Turn the music you love into a wildly exciting experience! Catch the colorful shapes to earn medals, win achievements, unlock new songs and more!bg games igri igra deca
After being fired from his job, John`s on the move running his own trucking business in this Time Management showdown.bg games igri igra deca
Start a brilliant career with Jewelleria! Design and sell your own exclusive jewelry and begin your quest for success!bg games igri igra deca
A seemingly haunted house leads Carol to a complicated chain of historical events in the third of the Carol Reed Mysteries!bg games igri igra deca
How quickly can you combine pictures and letters to create words? Pictures + Letters + Your Quick Wit = PictoWords!bg games igri igra deca
Visit a world where legends are true and magic is real in this enchanting Hidden Object game.bg games igri igra deca
Set foot into the world of elves, fairies, and gnomes in this enchanting Puzzle sequel.bg games igri igra deca
Take a journey across the equator and follow in the footsteps of the Incas to discover ancient artifacts and learn the magic of this great civilization!bg games igri igra deca
The long-awaited sequel to Burger Rush is here! Help Heidi open her own cooking school to create flavorful dishes in this Match 3 mix.bg games igri igra deca
Ginger, star of the hit game Go-Go Gourmet, is back in an all new sequel! This time she's vying for the coveted Chef of the Year award!bg games igri igra deca
Concoct mouthwatering recipes in a global adventure incorporating your best hidden object and time management skills.bg games igri igra deca
Stop the awakening of a terrible dragon! Featuring hand-painted scenery, addictive mini-games and a spellbinding story, Magic Encyclopedia offers a seek-and-find adventure you'll never forget!bg games igri igra deca
Don your grandfather`s cowboy gear and hunt for hidden objects in the Wild Wild West.bg games igri igra deca
Compete against 5 cut-throat teams in a worldwide contest that spans across 30 unique locations! It's time to start The Race!bg games igri igra deca
Delve into 50 wild locations, play through 5 unique game styles and meet dozens of iconic western characters on a Wild West Quest like no other!bg games