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test ss long forgotten lands.bg games igri igra deca
Help Emily restore the farm, or soon it'll be a chemical waste site.bg games igri igra deca
Feel the spirit of World War II in the new action strategy game Toy Defense 2! Take part in various missions in a range of theatres of war from the picturesque Normandy beaches and forests to the North African deserts. Most epic battles are waiting for yobg games igri igra deca
Go behind the scenes of Deco Fever, a new TV show that provides a glimpse into the world of TV!bg games igri igra deca
Something wicked has taken over Fate’s Carnival!bg games igri igra deca
Collect the puzzles and save the magical pets!bg games igri igra deca
Explore seven different Mahjong styles while traveling through the cosmos in Space Mahjong.bg games igri igra deca
Having survived a shipwreck, you woke up in a place that may have never been gazed upon by the eyes of men. Will you be able to ascend from the bowels of the Earth and return to civilization?bg games igri igra deca
Unlock the mystery of the Sculptor's tragic fate!bg games igri igra deca
Your surprise visit is ruined by a blizzard. Who caused it, and what does he want with your little sister?bg games igri igra deca
You were just about to relax with a good book when a stranger leaves a baby on your doorstep.bg games igri igra deca
You thought this would be just like any other investigation. But now you find yourself lost in a mysterious mansion brimming with strange creatures, comatose colleagues, and mysterious tentacles around every corner...bg games igri igra deca
Hidden deep inside a tropical jungle are the ruins of the magnificent Lost City. Destroyed by an ancient menace called Nibiru, the city must be rebuilt and the elements of nature restored. Prepare to defeat Nibiru! Match elements, earn bonuses, play at yobg games igri igra deca
Help the young maiden Giselle free those held captive in the castle and rescue her beloved prince from an evil curse.bg games igri igra deca
The turkeys revolted three years ago. Will mankind ever have Thanksgiving again?bg games igri igra deca
Help Princess Arianna save her kingdom and defeat the Dark Witch in this clever hidden-object adventure and match-3 game.bg games igri igra deca
Explore the amazing underwater world of Aquascapes! Play through some extremely fun hidden object sequences, buy beautiful fish to fill your tank, and adorn their home with awesome decorations! The fish really come alive as you put them in your tank! Wbg games igri igra deca
Darkness has engulfed Grimville! Use your cunning and wits to unravel the evil intrigues and save the town!bg games igri igra deca
Defeat the giant to save the world from destruction!bg games igri igra deca
Life imitates art with deadly results in this thrilling whodunit!bg games igri igra deca
Explore a world of magic to stop an ancient evil!bg games igri igra deca
This was supposed to be the happiest day of your life. But instead of walking down the aisle, you're in another dimension, battling a mad inventor to save your family!bg games igri igra deca
Hold back the Ancient Menace, before it's too late!bg games igri igra deca
The most important relic in the world has been destroyed! The Calendar of Ages is the one thing that kept the world running, and it is now in pieces. Travel through time and play some awesome match-three gameplay in different historical eras. Find the bg games igri igra deca
Defeat a great evil threatening the Vikings and help the king restore his domain to its former glory.bg games igri igra deca
Travel into the past to discover the mystery behind strange disappearances.bg games igri igra deca
Begin your dangerous journey to the Caribbean island of the corsair Thomas de Grandpré.bg games igri igra deca
An ancient prophecy proclaims... One day, the mighty dragons will seek new territory to claim as their own! The day has come! The prophecy has been fulfilled! Now, only the most courageous and just of leaders will be able forge a friendship between mankinbg games igri igra deca
No one dares fall asleep in the village of Mont Triste... for when sleep arrives, so does the mysterious Lord of Nightmares.bg games igri igra deca
These nursery rhymes are cursed, and your sister’s been taken by the Crooked Man!bg games igri igra deca
Should anyone ever check in to a place called the Final Journey Hotel?bg games igri igra deca
Help Jo in making her dream come true! Join her in a challenging journey of building the Coffee Shop! Learn how to make different kinds of coffee, take orders, serve drinks and manage staff. Make customers happy by serving them fast with correct orders, ibg games igri igra deca
The rich folklore continues with this exciting tale set in an old Slavic land. As Child of Spring, can you save the world from eternal winter?bg games igri igra deca
Your archaeologist fiancé has been abducted in Prague! Unravel an ancient mystery and save humanity from destruction as you rescue him!bg games igri igra deca
The King has been challenged by a very grim and fearful stranger who fancies taking over the throne! He has formally challenged the King to an election to see whom the people believe is the better ruler. Make your way through the kingdoms lands rebuildibg games igri igra deca
As Sara tries to find a miracle cure for her ailing brother, she unravels the dark events of her own past.bg games igri igra deca
Travel around the globe with Jigsaw World Tour! Start your unforgettable tour today!bg games igri igra deca
Take the reins of a lowly warehouse office and work your way up the corporate ladder to fulfill a mysterious prophecy in You're The Boss.bg games igri igra deca
The Kingdom of Men has been ravaged by the green horde. As the Kings forces are slain, he is forced to send a messenger to the dwarven lands to recruit the amazing dwarven mercenaries of lore. When the messenger returns he is not alone…300 of the mighbg games igri igra deca
Guide little Emmy through her fears and back to the real world!bg games igri igra deca
Journey down a magical road to save two worlds!bg games igri igra deca
A shipwreck on a volcanic island unearths deadly secrets!bg games igri igra deca
To save your father from a hideous monster, you've decided to sacrifice your own freedom. Now you must journey through a strange and magical land before time runs out!bg games igri igra deca
Free the gods' powers and fulfill your destiny in the Treasures of Montezuma 4! This new match-three game is overflowing with mystery and excitement!bg games igri igra deca
Accompany Hercules on a quest to save his kidnapped wife! Meet heroes from Ancient Greece as you vanquish beasts and build wonders.bg games igri igra deca
Natalie and John have just been married, and are on their way to a beautiful exotic island for their honeymoon. However, their bliss is short lived as the island has become overrun by infected people due to a vaccination gone wrong. This eerie tale is abg games igri igra deca
Halloween puzzles await you in Holiday Jigsaw: Halloween!bg games igri igra deca
Thrills abound as the ghost-hunters from the hit A&E TV show "Paranormal State" race to solve terrifying Civil War hauntings.bg games igri igra deca
Halloween adventures await you in this tasty puzzle game.bg games igri igra deca
One night the ghost of President Lincoln appears, asking for your help. Can you find the hidden Confederate treasure?bg games igri igra deca
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